Apple Assistance

Support, configuration, integration, assistance.

Tesyr’s main focus is the assistance, support and integration of  Mac and iOS devices.

Thanks to our (certified) expertise and experience (since 1985), we are able to satisfy all your requests involving every Apple device, both Mac, iPhone and iPad, even in mixed networks. We can provide hardware and software technical assistance, as well as provide IT equipment and programs. We are able to provide customized assistance packages: insurance, prepaid, and directed.

Here’s how we can help you:


Management of Mac OS Update, Upgrade

As you know, Apple publishes a MacOs update per year. Performing a version update without taking due caution can be dangerous and expensive. Our specialists have dealt with Apple since 1985 (since the days of Macintosh 128, Lisa, Apple II) and know how to properly manage the update of MacOs, Macs, in order to get only the benefits of the new versions meanwhile taking care of any problems that may occur.

MDM Management of Apple mobile devices

Apple, with the “Server” App, provides a powerful tool for managing mobile devices (iPhone, iPad), for free. Although the benefits of remote management of those devices are undeniable, installing and properly configuring the MDM service is not a simple matter. Contact our specialist for your configuration and management of the MDM service.

Profile Manager

If you have more than 5 Macs in your company, our advice is to move to a centralized management system of Mac (but also iPhone and iPad), using the “Profile Manager” service. This allows you to centralize the management of your Macs; from the configuration of the operating system to the authorization to use the App, external devices connected on various ports, CD / DVD, etc. It is possible to guarantee the rotation of users on any (or on a small group) of stations, making them find their own desktop and settings.

Local and remote backup

We can provide, install, configure and maintain the backup of your data, without worrying whether you are using Mac, Win or Linux. The backup can be local or remote. Each user is independent in recovering their data and the central console warns you if the backup is not successful. You will sleep peacefully.

Mac integration in Windows networks

Having Mac in companies is now a consolidated reality, but how to integrate Mac in your Windows network with Active Directory? How to correctly exchange documents? How to manage distribution programs and updates? How to manage double authentication Mac (Open Directory) and Windows (Active Directory)? Ask for the visit of our specialist, we will support you in this project.

Lan Storage QNAP

Nowadays, the amount of data a company has to manage keeps growing exponentially. We need a reliable solution, at a reasonable cost, scalable in terms of power and capacity. We have chosen QNAP, which offers solutions from the SOHO market to the Enterprise market, with 1 to 30 bays NAS, with 1 Gb to 4x40GbE LAN connections, Thunderbolt 3. Are you ready for the IoT world? We surely are with QNAP.

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Our technicians are at your disposal for every need.

For information and details you can contact our specialized technicians. We know that every company has specific needs, so we have flexible and modular solutions.

Antonello Tilotta
Head of
Apple Area