Our partners


Tesyr is Estos certified partner. We have chosen Estos, with the product ProCall Enterprise, to integrate VTENEXT with all physical and virtual switchboards, as long as they use TAPI drivers. Using a server (which can also be virtual as Swisscom’s DCS), it is possible to integrate telephony with CRM, but not only.

ProCall Enterprise and MetaDirectory centralize and makes contact information available from various sources: customer/supplier data, Active Directory users, Google G Suite, Microsoft Dynamics. By integrating Procall, MetaDirectory and VTENEXT, the maximum automation of telephone communications and business contacts is achieved with considerable savings in terms of time and optimizing the business processes of management and use of information.


Tesyr is a Qnap partner and can provide, configure and support every storage solution, from the small NAS with 4 HDDs to enterprise systems with SSDs and 40GB multiple interfaces, so as not to forget the NAS with the Thinderbolt 3 interface.

All NAS can be equipped with SSD cache and thanks to an extremely advanced management protocol we obtain a solution that assembles the speed of the SSD disks and the storage capacity of the HDD disks (SATA and SAS). Tesyr recommends QNAP for both business storage and local backup storage.


Tesyr is a certified partner of Retrospect for Switzerland. Retrospect is the number 1 multiplatform backup solution (Mac, Win, Linux). Performs local backup on any media (HDD, NAS, Tape, Libraries) and remote (Certified for Swisscom DCS servers, so your remote backups remain in Switzerland).

The program is also able to erase the data of specific users according to the provisions of the GDPR (right to be forgotten). Retrospect is available from a single user to a multi-server and provides several options including: Database backup, open files, disaster recovery with recovery on a different hardware.


Tesyr is a Swisscom partner for “All IP” telephony, “DCS” virtual servers and “Office 365” licenses.

In particular, we have developed, unique in Switzerland, the integration between the VTENEXT CRM and the “Smart Business Connect Hosted” digital telephony.

Thanks to this integration we are able not only to click-to-call, but to manage incoming calls on the condition that the CRM checks even before responding, or to open tickets, scale hours, update personal data, etc., using as a search key the calling number received from the call, without the need to install software on the clients but simply by pressing a custom button inside the CRM.